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Welcome to Mrs. Rausch's Classroom Page

Welcome to Mrs. Rausch's Classroom Page!  Please visit our page often to keep up to date on all the learning that is happening in our classroom! Thanks

Weekly Agenda
  • Each week we will have a new list containing sight words and pattern words. 
  •  The children complete different activities throughout the week at school and have additional homework daily.
  •  The homework is listed on the bottom of the spelling list.
  •  Each week we take our test on Friday (or the last day of the week if it is a shortened week due to a break).  
Each group in math is focusing on different skills due to the children being on different levels.  But here is a list of activities that all children could benefit from extra practice at home. Thanks!

Math Facts - both addition and subtraction
  • Fact drop game - make flash cards and hold them above your head and they have to say the answer before it hits the ground
  • Math Magician - online game (see Educational Games Page)
  • Post a math fact on an index card on the refriderator door (or somewhere your child goes often) and every time they open the door they have to say the fact and answer
Counting by 1's, 10's, 5's and 2's to 100. 
  • Have them count in the car. 
  • Group food items by the number and count how many they have them count the items. 
Practice Counting Money 
  • Have a cup of change on the counter and when he or she asks for a snack have him/her "purchase" the snack.  
  • When at the store have them count out the correct amount of change for the cashier.
Telling Time
  • Randomly ask him/her to read the clock. 
Throughout the school year we are working on improving our writing.  We started with learning CUPS and slowly are expanding the different categories.  Please check back often to see what we have added to our CUPS to help expand our writing!

C = Capitalization
  • All sentences start with capital letters. 
  • Names of people  
  • Months of the year
  • Days of the week 
U - Understanding
  • Does the sentence make sense?
  • Can the reader understand what I am trying to write?

P= Punctuation 
  • All sentences have an endmark (period, question mark, or exclamation point)
  • Telling sentences (give information) end with periods. 
  • Asking sentences (asking for information) ends with a question mark. 
S= Spacing
  • We leave a finger space between each word. 
  • We draw an arrow to show our indention of all paragraphs. 


Pictures of Our Learning
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